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Marijuana Prohibition vs Legalization Costs

The prohibition of marijuana costs the government $20 billion dollars a year...while Colorado have legalized and taxed it. Colorados apporach to cannabis has raised over $40 million dollars for new schools.


Medical marijuana for epilepsy?

Marijuana for Epilepsy. Cannabidiol(CBD) is one of the primary and non-psychoactive cannabinoids found naturally in marijuana. CBD appears to benefit some epileptic patients who ingest it to avoid seizure activity. For epileptic patients who cannot tollerate or do not benefit from their antiepilepti[...]


Smoked a 7 gram kief blunt for wake and bake

"I just smoked a 7gram kief blunt for my wake and bake.  #kusssshhhhhh" - Some bad ass weed smoker on Twitter.



Wiz Khalifa joins B-Real in The Smokebox

B-Real's Smokebox is packed out this week with non other than big lungs Wiz Khalifa along with a few heavy hitters from The Taylor Gang including the man behind The Girl Scout Cookies strain Big Berner, Motor Mane and Ricky P.



The 41st Shade - Irish Cannabis Documentary

The intention of this  Irish Cannabis Documentary The 41st Shade is to explore the role of cannabis in 21st Century Ireland, not least due to growing usage within the mainstream, but also because of our failure to prevent its distribution.  For this reason, we need to question the resources ploughed[...]


If you go to Amsterdam and don't smoke weed...

If you go to Amsterdam and don't smoke weed...You're gonna have a bad time!