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Seth Rogen & David Letterman Talk about Weed Legalization

Seth Rogen & David Letterman Discuss weed Legalization in this funny interview.



Rebelites - Legalize (Bulgarian Reggae)

Yes you read it right...Bulgarian Reggae, and its pretty good. Here's the Lyrics: I say it its summer time and it's no crime to smoke mi ganja see i'm feeling fine I say it's winter time and it's no crime to smoke mi ganja see i'm feeling fine and I'm a big man with a big smile I have no prob[...]



420 High - Legalize It - The Agreeables

The indie-rock superheroes The Agreeables have made a really fun, retro sounding tune "420 High," flexing their greenery in this retro tune for the legalization of Marijuana.



ALL for ONE - Addey Lane

Pro Cannabis Movement song kick starting awareness to the fight to legalize Cannabis/Hemp in Pop Culture. Lyrics for "All for One" And so it's come to be That the tools that paved our history Seemed to be their lies & selfish greed, and... Selling fear was key To protect an industry Stopp[...]



Your Body on Cannabis (New Documentary)

Ever wondered how cannabis affects your body? Let this short 15 minute documentary break it down for you or if you know then share this with someone who doesn't.