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Marijuana - Safer Than Fireworks

In 2013 fireworks killed 8 people & injured 11,400. Marijuana killed and injured Zero! Marijuana is safer than fireworks.



'Fuck it, I quit' says KTVA television reporter Charlo Greene

News reporter Charlo Greene reveals why she quit her job at KTVA Television after saying live on TV 'Fuck It, I Quit!'. Charlo who's the president of the Alaska Cannabis Club will focus on the push for full pot legalization.



Cosmos On Weed With Neil deGrasse Tyson

What would Cosmos be like if Neil deGrasse Tyson smoked some weed and did the show? Watch and find out!



How To Make Rick Simpson Hemp Oil - AKA cannabis Oil

How to make Rick Simpson Hemp Oil AKA 'Cannabis oil' that Rick Simpson talks about in his documentary  Run From The Cure. This is the basic method Rick Simpson uses to make the cancer curing oil. Starting material: I generally work with a pound or more of good grade hemp starting material. You[...]



Fliptrix - The High Way (with Lyrics)

UK Hip Hop artist Fliptrix has created an Anthem for some stoners with 'The High Way'. A soulful hook bridges between Fliptrix's rhymes and makes this perfect to burn some herb to. Lyrics Chorus Roll that spliff Show love to the spliff Everyone around the whole world Loves the spliff Moth[...]


Stoners Turn Into Macgyver When They Can't Smoke Weed

Who says stoners aren't creative? Give them weed and nothing to smoke it out, they turn into Macgyver.