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The War on Kids - The Real Ugly Side of a 21 Jump Street

In a 21 Jump Street style sting - Temecula Police entrapped a kid with Aspergers Syndrome - Jesse Snodgrass and 21 other kids who were likely the most vulnerable among their peers. The parents of Jesse Snodgrass help tell the story of how Jesse was misled by an undercover cop posing as a student at [...]



Public Prank - Pot Dealers

Ask a cop "Do you want a little pot?" and see how that works out...luckily these guys didn't mean weed.



Bong Prank On Cops!

How to get a cop's attention? Well just do a bong out in the open for all to see lol.



Highdro & Ink Well- The Secret Cup Anthem



Earthquake Institute - TAKE A HIT - Official Music Video

" Greetings children this is Mother Nature here to warn you of a devious , evil plot to destroy my most precious gift...Cannabis Sativa! " - Warns a hip funky Mother Nature