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If you go to Amsterdam and don't smoke weed...

If you go to Amsterdam and don't smoke weed...You're gonna have a bad time!


South African weed is very potent

South African weed is so potent that you must wear a hard hat when coming into contact with it.  That dagga sure is a hard hitting stone.


Toronto Mayor Rob Ford - 420 Blaze It!

Mayor of Toronto Rob Ford has been quoted as saying 'I've smoked a lot'.  420 Blaze It Rob.


That feeling when your dealer rips you off

That feeling you get when your weed dealer rips you off.


Devastating effects of injecting marijuanas

Marcus was student council president, a straight A student and was dating the most popular, most purest girl in school until his hippie classmates forced him to inject one marijuana. As you can see from the before and after pictures Marcus was never the same young man ever again.  Please think be[...]


Fuck the golden ticket!

Sorry Mr Wonka, fuck your golden ticket I've got a ticket to moon.