I don't always smoke weed....

I don't always smoke weed...April Fools!


New Strains from Sensi Seeds

Sensi Seeds have released three new strains, "Big Butt Automatic", "Northern Lights Light" & "Super Skank Feminized". Available from tomorrow.


Barney's Farm On Tour

Follow the Barneys Farm team as they tour the worlds biggest & best Cannabis Expos and events... Canapa Mundi Rome... Spannabis Barcelona... Indica Sativa Trade Bologna... Mary Jane Expo Berlin... Product Earth Peterborough UK... Cannatrade Switzerland... ExpoGrow Irun... Cultiva Expo Vienna... [...]



In memory of Franco Loja

"Cannabis is my passion, my bread, my home. I feel it is my duty to make sure this amazing plant is preserved and enjoyed. I am a smoker, a grower, a breeder, and a strain hunter. For life." Franco, the Strain Hunter May 20th 1974 - January 2nd 2017


Munching out

When you and your mate get the munchies bad.