Weed should be researched for it's thernaputic qualities

Taken from the Trailer Park Boys new movie 'Don't Legalize It' Ricky says 'weed should be researched for it's thernaputic qualities, not throwing good people to jail like me.' Fucking right Ricky.



Trailer Park Boys 3: Don't Legalize It Official Teaser

Trailer for  "Trailer Park Boys 3: Don't Legalize It".




The global fight to reform drug laws and put an end to the war on drugs gained a powerful new communications tool – a 3 minute stop-motion animation movie titled, WAR ON DRUGO. Commissioned by the Global Commission on Drug Policy, developed by Almap/BBDO agency and produced by Vetor Zero studio in [...]


Then and Now: A Decade of Difference in Marijuana Activism

For many political activists, a change in marijuana policy is both overdue and seemingly coming too slowly. It's worth remembering, however, just how far things have come in roughly a decade. Marc Emery's experience serves as an example of how things have quickly evolved on cannabis policy. Then:[...]



Metabollix - Marijuana Trauma ( Irish hip hop )

Irish Hip Hop from Metabollix with their song Marijuana Trauma.