If you've never smoked weed...

If you've never smoked weed then you'll never understand why people do!


When all is said and done...

When all is said and done...marijuana is just a plant!



Getting High With Your Brother, In The Bath!

Funny clip from the amazing film Twin Town where the Lewis brothers challenge each other to a quiz on  the FA Cup.  Crazy B*stards them Welsh.


Dr Christian Jessen drug harms quote

"I ask this: can anyone point to a single instance where banning a potentially harmful substance has actually reduced the harm to both the users and society at large? I can't... "We should also be considering alternatives to outright criminalisation. Prohibition did not work, and making drugs ill[...]


Cannabis Is Safer Than Alcohol

We all know cannabis is safer than alcohol, but now there's a new cannabis political party in the UK named CISTA (cannabis is safer than alcohol).