Dr Christian Jessen drug harms quote

"I ask this: can anyone point to a single instance where banning a potentially harmful substance has actually reduced the harm to both the users and society at large? I can't... "We should also be considering alternatives to outright criminalisation. Prohibition did not work, and making drugs ill[...]


Cannabis Is Safer Than Alcohol

We all know cannabis is safer than alcohol, but now there's a new cannabis political party in the UK named CISTA (cannabis is safer than alcohol).


Kiss me I'm Highrish

Happy ST Patrick's day to everyone. Go easy on the drink and smoke plenty of green.


Florida welfare applicants tested for drugs

The "test welfare recipients for drugs" narrative is a disgusting lie designed to play on bigotry, fear of poverty, invalid stereotypes, and greed. Stop buying in to it. Stop looking for reasons to let good people starve and be homeless just so you can feel superior to them. All you're doing is maki[...]


Victims of the drug war

"22% of Americans have a criminal record due to the war on drugs and the over-criminalization of victimless crimes.. That is 65 million Americans who have a hard time finding a job and a place to live. And people wonder why unemployment and homelessness are problems in America."