What The Government Can Do Vs What We Can Do

The Government is guarding poppy fields, manufacturing crack and was caught trafficking coke...But I can get arrested for smoking a fucking joint? Joe Rogan's face says it all...


Cannabis is safer than...Handwriting???

Doctors' bad hand writing causes thousands of deaths every year... Cannabis hasn't caused any deaths...Ever! Source: http://mantis.link/VkFMxNsv-


DJango always pass D'joint

Django always pass D'joint


When your best buddy runs out of weed...

When your best buddy runs out of weed... You become Superman!!!!



Chewbacca Rastaman

Chewbacca smokes some herb and awakens the force, he breaks out a little reggae number to show his appreciation for his chalice Full song here Guinney Pepper - Lick the chalice