Lunar C - Shnaffleberry

This is Shnaffleberry by rapper Lunar C, Its some hard hitting hip hop so might not be to everyone's tastes. The video consists of an interesting animation of some flies getting high, each shit pizzas, pole dancing and a whole lot more. Check it out, even it its only for the appreciation of animatio[...]


Huge fan of your work...

Huge fan of the work that GOD (correction*)


When you too high to load one up

When you are just too high to roll one up or load a bong... "I'm smoking this shit anyways!"


Super Mario on the Nugtendo Wiid

Super Mario Is on the Wiid and he's much happier now


When little bro says he bought some weed...

Little bro calls you like "Bro I got this Cali weed!" then you arrive... and its not 'Cali weed ... and its not even weed ... its just broccoli!