Grower Nails One Pound of Kind From Hello Kitty Nightlite

HENDY GROVE—“I’m telling you, this is the serious dankness,” says cannabis grower OG FatSacks. “You show me anyone else who can produce a plant like this off an LED micro-light and I’ll call bullshit.” FatSacks relates how he first came upon the idea to grow marijuana under his little sister’s He[...]


Gorilla Glue Slaps ‘Reverse Class-Action’ Suit on 3 Million GG#4 Cultivators

CINCINNATI—“Just stop it,” says Gorilla Glue spokesman Nathan Mowdry from the company’s Cincinnati headquarters overlooking the Ohio River. “We’re asking cultivators to stop referring to their products as Gorilla Glue #4. It’s pretty straightforward here – we own the name, you don’t, so please quit [...]


Strain Review: Ron Jeremy OG (May Leave You A Little Sore)

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Introducing Marijuana Flavored Pepper Spray

BERKELEY—The city made famous for providing the nation with fiery protests since the 1960s is now the proud producer of the world’s first marijuana-based pepper spray. Christened the “One Hitter,” the new defensive pepper spray, currently used by Berkeley PD, is reportedly quelling unruly crowds and[...]


In Need of Campaign Funds

This guy needs some campaign funds to run for president of the USA. If elected he will 1. deport Donald Trump to Mexico 2. jail Hillary Clinton and 3. Legalize marijuana.