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Top Cat - Bunn the Sensi

Bunn the Sensi by Top Cat. Happy reggae tune For ya'll.


Believe in Cannabis, It Saves Lives

Believe in cannabis, it truly is the most beneficial plant known to mankind.  The medicinal benefits continue to astound me.



Cypress Hill - Dr. Greenthumb

Dr. Greenthumb from Cypress Hill's 1998 album titled 'Cypress Hill IV' is a song about B-Real telling a story about his alter-ego Dr. Greenthumb, a cannabis/marijuana grower. [a short skit opens the beginning of the song] Hello, I'm Dr. Greenthumb Have you ever had the problem of running out of[...]



Terence Mckenna on Cannabis Edibles

Everyone's favourite Psychonaut Terrence McKenna gives us a rundown on the psychedelic powers of marijuana edibles.  The experience is different to smoking a doobie, the ride may take a while to get going but once you're on the groovy train, you're there until the journey comes to an end...which cou[...]



Colorado: Cannabis Patient Network Interview with Crohn's Sufferer Andy Shaffner

Andy has battled Crohn's since he was a youth. His decades of suffering culminated in a bowel resection, something common to those who deal with this illness. Through the decades, cannabis has helped him to eat. He believes cannabis is life-sustaining. We're CPN Institute. We're a national educat[...]