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Beautiful Purple Marijuana Plant

Cannabis not only makes us feel wonderful, it's an aesthetically pleasing‎ species of plant.  Who wouldn't want to see such a beautiful site as this purple strain?  


I Smoke Weed Everyday

"I smoke weed everyday" Watch out we got a bad ass weed smoker over here.


Overdosed Smoking Weed - Bad Luck Brian

Everyone knows you can't overdose on cannabis, but Bad Luck Brian, well he's just that kind of guy. Smoked weed and overdosed.


Chris Mizanskey Seeks Clemency, Served 20 Years for Marijuana Possession

For the past 20 years, Chris Mizanskey, now 33, has had to go to prison to see his father. But his dad, Jeff, is not a murderer or a rapist. He was, however, busted for possession of about five pounds of pot, his third marijuana-related felony. And in Missouri, if you get three drug felonies, even i[...]



Grafting Cannabis Plants with Urban Grower

Urban grower meets Midnight Gardener from the Dampkring Growshop in Amsterdam. They chat and exchange information about grafting cannabis plants. See a fully flowered plant with 6 varieties of bud on it, as well as a mother plant with 11 different strains on it.