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Now you're just a substance that I used to grow

Take on Gotye's Sombody That I Used To Know. Now you're just a substance that I used to grow.


The Best Things in Life Are Free -Especially if you Grow Your Own Stone

Whoever said 'the best things in life are free' obviously grew their own weed.


Beautiful Purple Marijuana Plant

Cannabis not only makes us feel wonderful, it's an aesthetically pleasing‎ species of plant.  Who wouldn't want to see such a beautiful site as this purple strain?  


I Smoke Weed Everyday

"I smoke weed everyday" Watch out we got a bad ass weed smoker over here.


Overdosed Smoking Weed - Bad Luck Brian

Everyone knows you can't overdose on cannabis, but Bad Luck Brian, well he's just that kind of guy. Smoked weed and overdosed.