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Smoking A Joint In Public - Rage Comic

There's nothing worse than puffing on a joint and the cops approach you while in public places.  Anyone who's ever been busted must have had this thought run through their mind at least once.


Smoking Weed Like A Boss

The Nutty Pot professor, smoking like a boss.. Is it a homemade vaoporizer?


Massive Bowl Filled With Buds

Wouldn't you just love to have this bog bowl of pot sitting by your chair, grabbing a handful of nuggets without worrying about running dry.


Cannabis Is The Most Studied Plant On Earth, Not FDA Approved

The FDA are yet to evaluate the medicinal properties of marijuana yet it's the most studied plant in the world.


Oh My God, Marijuana Is A Meme Now

It was only a matter of time. Marijuana is now a meme, and we're here to catalog that shit.