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Grafting Cannabis Plants with Urban Grower

Urban grower meets Midnight Gardener from the Dampkring Growshop in Amsterdam. They chat and exchange information about grafting cannabis plants. See a fully flowered plant with 6 varieties of bud on it, as well as a mother plant with 11 different strains on it.


Johnny Cash Sitting in a Bush Eating Cake, High

You may be high, but you'll never be Johnny Cash sitting in a bush eating cake high!  


Interested in Weed!

Interested in weed? Hell, that's my chick.'Yeah man, I got a girlfriend, I'm in love. Her names Mary Jane.


Recreational Pot Shop Issued First License in Colorado

Central City, the original site of the 1859 Colorado gold rush, is now the first city in Colorado to have a store licensed to sell marijuana to adults! The store, called Annie’s, is a medical marijuana dispensary that will begin selling marijuana to adults on January 1st, pursuant to Amendment 64. A[...]


Marijuana Kills Cancer - Open Your Mind

Marijuana Kills Cancer. Open your mind before opening your mouth. Cannabis Kills Cancer!