All Government's are lying cocksuckers!

"All Government's are lying cocksuckers!" Bill Hicks wasn't a man to mince his words, he told it like it was and in this case still is.


I've got a crush on Kush.

Crush on kush? How could you not, she's the most beautiful girl in the world.  Everything's lush with a bit of Kush.  


Taking a bath in Cheetos? Yep, you've got the munchies.

You know you've got the munchies when you take a bath in Cheetos haha.


Lets Grow Our Community

Lets grow our community, or at least a few ganja plants.


If Bob Marley Says 'Don't Worry'

If Bob Marley says 'don't worry' then I'm not going to worry....about a thing.