The Gas Lantern Routine - Save Energy

Save money growing marijuana with the Gas lantern Routine.


American Farmers should Be Growing Hemp In All 52 States!

American farmers should be growing Hemp in all 52 states.


Parents 4 Pot Aims To Eliminate Stigma, Legal Implications

A Northern California group aims to remove the stigma and legal implications for parents who smoke marijuana. Dubbed Parents 4 Pot, the group has a Facebook page and will soon launch an educational website. Organizers said they plan to form a board of directors and start advocating legislation. [...]


Two Baked Potatoe

You can't beat a good old baked potatoe.


Aftermath at the local supermarket the day after 420

I don't know about the supermarket but this resembles my kitchen after a late night session of the munchies. The aftermath of a stoner stampede.