They thought they could bury us...

"They thought they could bury us, but didn't realize we were seeds."



Snoop Dogg, Redman, Method Man and B-Real talk Legalization

A conversation headed by Bianca G Barnhill to discuss legalization with rappers Snoop Dogg, Method Man and B-Real.  An interesting question was would they do a collective pro-legalization song with the proceeds going to help further the cause.  This is from a new show called 'Spark the conversation'[...]


Then and Now: A Decade of Difference in Marijuana Activism

For many political activists, a change in marijuana policy is both overdue and seemingly coming too slowly. It's worth remembering, however, just how far things have come in roughly a decade. Marc Emery's experience serves as an example of how things have quickly evolved on cannabis policy. Then:[...]



England: Anonymous Growers Plant Ganja all across the U.K

Anonymous growers planting seeds on a large scale across the U.K isn't a new idea but it hasn't had the media attention and support in previous attempts but since attitudes are changing some activists are ramping up their actions in their latest bid for national awarerness. These activists hope to s[...]



Brazil Holds huge pot legalization march

Some footage of the Legalize Pot Rally in Brazil where thousands turned out in support of the rally.  Just another country of people who could capitalise and benefit from what's being called 'The Green Rush' in Decriminalising the use and user of cannabis which saves money on policing among ot[...]