Let Our People Grow

Let our people grow their own pot.



Activist Clark French Discussing Cannabis Legalisation On Sky News

British Cannabis Activist Clark French who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis appears on Sky news promoting science, not stigma, regarding cannabis use.



Bored Cannabis Activists try a Rickroll

Dear Cannabis Activist, Are you tired of sharing the same information to the same people and feeling like they don't give a shit? Getting annoyed at people caring more about material crap than the important things in life...like weed? If so then this could be your solution to returning stupidness[...]


Let Our People Grow

Let our people grow their own marijuana without the fear of having their door kicked up the hall, without being persecuted by the police and governments, without being stigmatized by fellow members of society.  We're not criminals!  End the war on cannabis people.


Support Our Troops

Support our troops. There've been many great cannabis activists over the years, some gone but never forgotten.