Marijuana: Less Scary Than Alcohol

Marijuana, it's less scary, less toxic and less addictive than alcohol.


Keanu Questions Jesus' Approach To Miracles

If Jesus had turned grass to dank rather than water to wine would weed be legal and alcohol illegal?


Cannabis is Safer than Alcohol

Some graphics from the guys at CISTA, the UK's cannabis reform political party.


The illegality of marijuana is not related to dangers

Don't say marijuana is illegal because it's dangerous, if that's the case then why are tobacco and alcohol legal with thousands of deaths per day ?


Got Beer - Got Bud - Got Choice?

"Freedom of Choice is a Human Right as long as we don't violate anyone else. Help repeal Cannabis Prohibition & end licit vs illicit War Between Drugs / War On People for Drug CHOICE." - Dave aka Australian Cannabis / Drug CHOICE Freedom Activist Medcanpoet.