Cure For Cancer: Weed? UK Grandfather

Mike Cutler, 63 who is a grandfather in England claims he has cured his cancer using cannabis oil.  Shanna Malcolm and Jimmy Dore join Dave on The Rubin Report to discuss  story as well as the self defeating laws that exist around the miracle herb.


Cannabis Cures Cancer

Consider yourself officially informed. Your Government has known since 1974. Cannabis cures cancer!  



Could Medical Marijuana Improve the Health of the Nation? - Doc Rob Interview

As medical marijuana becomes more legal in more states, treatments created from cannabis are receiving increasing attention. Stories on social media present the substance as a cure for a wide variety of diseases and disorders, including cancer. Others say these notions are exaggerated. Meanwhile,[...]



Scientific Explanation Of How Cannabis Cures Cancer

If you've heard about cannabis curing cancer then you've most likely wondered how. These doctors and scientists in this video give the scientific explanation of how cannabis cures cancer.


What's more important...

What's more important, stopping people getting high, or curing cancer?