How Cannabinoids Fight Cancer

This great infographic from explains how cannabinoids help fight cancer.



Medicinal cannabis and science

Medicinal cannabis and science. Between June 28th and July 3rd 2014, top scientists from all over the world gathered together in a small Italian town called Baveno, to attend the 24th annual International Cannabinoid Research Society meeting.  Although filming was not desirable, the Cannabis News Ne[...]



Scientific Explanation Of How Cannabis Cures Cancer

If you've heard about cannabis curing cancer then you've most likely wondered how. These doctors and scientists in this video give the scientific explanation of how cannabis cures cancer.



Cannabis Research Studies Documentary

Israel is the marijuana research capital of the world. The man who started it all, the grandfather of the marijuana research, is Professor Raphael Mechoulam. He is a chemist and he became interested in marijuana in the 1960s. Morphine had been isolated from opium in the early 19th century, cocaine h[...]



Marijuana Refugees Flock to Colorado

Currently 20 states and the District of Columbia have approved, and regulate in some capacity, marijuana for medical purposes. However, insurance companies do not cover the costs of such prescriptions. Federally, marijuana remains a Schedule 1 drug, making it against the law to possess. But the deba[...]