Run From the Cure 2 - Run To The Cure Trailer

Presenting Christian Laurette's RUN 2 THE CURE - The Cure for Cancer Documentary. Heres the trailer of the long-awaited sequel to the independent documentary RUN FROM THE CURE: The Rick Simpson Story (February 2008) which led to an international people's recognition of how cannabis oil kills cancers[...]



Run From The Cure - The Rick Simpson Story (2008)

Run From The Cure - The Rick Simpson Story: A documentary film by Christian Laurette After a serious head injury in 1997, Canadian man Rick Simpson sought relief from his medical condition through the use of medicinal hemp oil (cannabis oil, not 'hemp seed oil'). When Rick Simpson discovered t[...]



The surprising story of medical marijuana and pediatric epilepsy Josh Stanley at TEDxBoulder


Cannabis Cures Cancer

Cannabis cures cancer, big pharma have the patents to prove it. Cannabinoids, including THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol) promote the re-emergence of apoptosis so that tumors will stop diving and die.  



How does marijuana fight brain cancer?

Clint Werner recounts the first study of THC and brain cancer cells, which led to numerous studies on other types of cancer cells.