Bud Buddies: Project Storm Documentary

In 2013 Bud Buddies: Project Storm set out to investigate the increasing number of claims that cannabis oil can treat cancer.  This has been done through the lives of terminal cancer patients living in the UK.


Rick Simpson Hemp Oil Quote

"I am here to expose you to the most medicinal plant know to man, hemp.  Medical miracles are a common occurrence when using oil (cannabis oil) derived from this specific medicinal plant." - Rick Simpson hemp oil quote.



How To Make Rick Simpson Hemp Oil - AKA cannabis Oil

How to make Rick Simpson Hemp Oil AKA 'Cannabis oil' that Rick Simpson talks about in his documentary  Run From The Cure. This is the basic method Rick Simpson uses to make the cancer curing oil. Starting material: I generally work with a pound or more of good grade hemp starting material. You[...]


Top Shelf Marijuana Extracts, Not!

"Niggas be like; Top shelf extracts, hmu." @CannabisCarter


Pro-marijuana placards

Homemade Pro-marijuana placards. Let our people grow. Equality for all, alcohol, tobacoo, cannabis etc consumers. Cannabis oil cures cancer, just google it and do some research.