Cure For Cancer: Weed? UK Grandfather

Mike Cutler, 63 who is a grandfather in England claims he has cured his cancer using cannabis oil.  Shanna Malcolm and Jimmy Dore join Dave on The Rubin Report to discuss  story as well as the self defeating laws that exist around the miracle herb.


Cannabis Oil at work



Texan Teenager Jacob Lavoro Faces Life in Prison for Marijuana Brownies

May 22, 2014  | Jacob Lavoro is a 19-year-old from Round Rock, Texas who allegedly made and sold brownies laced with hash. Hash is just the resin of regular old marijuana, but Lavoro was charged with a first-degree felony and faces five years to life in prison because he used that resin to make his [...]


Cannabis oil, heal yourself!

Cannabis oil is amazing!



Marijuana Refugees Flock to Colorado

Currently 20 states and the District of Columbia have approved, and regulate in some capacity, marijuana for medical purposes. However, insurance companies do not cover the costs of such prescriptions. Federally, marijuana remains a Schedule 1 drug, making it against the law to possess. But the deba[...]