The Weed Must be Smoked - Lord Of The Rings

Teh Lurd Of Teh Reings - The Weed Must be Smoked. Just another Lord Of The Rings parody



Good at math? Nah...I'm good at weed!

This is from the comedy movie Neighbours 2 featuring Zac Efron & Seth Rogan



Super High Me (2007)

Doug Benson's weed experiment of 30 days with no weed consumption followed by 30 days of non-stop weed consumption is the basis for this documentary. Doug Benson's idea comes from his love of weed, a documentary called Super Size Me - where the experiment was with McDonalds and combining these two t[...]



Robin Williams - Alcohol vs Marijuana

The late Robin Williams doing his famous Alcohol vs Marijuana Routine from his performance Live At The Met in New York in 1986. This is one video you need to watch the watch the whole way through.