Dabs dude...dabs - Really High Goat

Dabs dude...dabs! I get really high sometimes, so high that I feel like how this goat looks. I'm lying down but I feel like I'm lying sidewards,  I have the sensation that I'm standing up but a force is pulling me to the 'wall' which is either the floor,bed or sofa. I rather enjoy it.


Dabs had me like! - Really High Goat

Dabs had me like, so high, as high as the Really High Goat.


Top Shelf Marijuana Extracts, Not!

"Niggas be like; Top shelf extracts, hmu." @CannabisCarter


Too many Dabs - Weed Hangover?

The Picture is Zach Galifianakis from 'The Hangover" Movies.


Lemme get a dab