The Pot Doctor

“When the law is unjust, resistance is mandatory” For over 20 years Andrew Katelaris has researched the medicinal properties of cannabis. Despite being deregistered as a practitioner in 2006, Katelaris continues to prescribe, produce and distribute cannabis oil to a dozen families with children s[...]


Ron Burgundy endorses Druglawed

The mainstream media in New Zealand won't talk about Druglawed the documentary.



The Weed Prohibition Lobby (New Documentary)

This new documentary focuses on the pharmaceutical lobby influence in America - The Weed Prohibition Lobby delves into the the efforts by big corporations to keep cannabis illegal while promoting opiates. This details how these businesses see cannabis reform as a threat to profits. This video was[...]



The 41st Shade - Irish Cannabis Documentary

The intention of this  Irish Cannabis Documentary The 41st Shade is to explore the role of cannabis in 21st Century Ireland, not least due to growing usage within the mainstream, but also because of our failure to prevent its distribution.  For this reason, we need to question the resources ploughed[...]



The Culture High - Debunking Lies About Marijuana

The Culture High is the new feature length documentary which is the highly anticipated follow up to The Union - The Business Behind Getting High.  In this video the Culture High Director Brett Harvey and Producer Adam Scorgie are debunking lies and myths surrounding the cannabis plant with The Young[...]