This edible ain't sh**

Don't be like Bobby, or maybe you'd enjoy that :-).


These edibles arn't working!

When you think the edibles are weak but they about to kick in.  


Edibles on a plane

When you take edibles before your flight.



The Church of What's Happening Now: Anarchy Edibles

Catch up with 'The Church of What's Happening Now' as hosts Joey Coco Diaz and Lee Syatt chat to the owner of Anarchy Edibles, who produce the 'Star of Death' gummie marijuana edible.



Weed Granny Shows How to 420 Braise it

Watch this 91 year old Italian grandmother cook up some tasty treats using marijuana. You can find her recipe for Chicken Pot-cacciatore on the Vice website. 420 braise it!