Opposes Cartel Legalization In Ohio

Voting yes anyways, so that your daughter can experience life without daily seizures.


Medical marijuana for epilepsy?

Marijuana for Epilepsy. Cannabidiol(CBD) is one of the primary and non-psychoactive cannabinoids found naturally in marijuana. CBD appears to benefit some epileptic patients who ingest it to avoid seizure activity. For epileptic patients who cannot tollerate or do not benefit from their antiepilepti[...]



Conservative Christian Doctor Gives Daughter Cannabis Oil For Epilepsy

ER Doctor Tom Minahan is a conservative christian father from California, who's changed his mind on medical marijuana after seeing with his own eyes the positive effects it's had on his own daughters epilepsy.  After going through conventional treatments with his daughter Dr Tom Minahan was recommen[...]



Marijuana Refugees Flock to Colorado

Currently 20 states and the District of Columbia have approved, and regulate in some capacity, marijuana for medical purposes. However, insurance companies do not cover the costs of such prescriptions. Federally, marijuana remains a Schedule 1 drug, making it against the law to possess. But the deba[...]



Dr Sanjay Gupta's "WEED 2" Documentary (2014)

"Weed 2: Cannabis Madness: Dr. Sanjay Gupta Reports," looks at U.S. federal laws that consider marijuana a drug with no medicinal value and serious scientists who say they're wrong. It is the politics of pot - the politicians vs. the patients.