Someone dropped a bag of weed in the parking lot

...this carries a $250 fine so please be careful' Weed people are so nice!


Hey Bro, Do I look Stoned?

This one made me laugh out loud...for real! Do I look stoned haha, nah man, you rock.



Senator so out of touch you'll want to smoke grass

Sen. Charles Grassley (yes people that's GRASSley) criticising the Obama administration on current pot legislation... The Young Turks news team break it down so well that I consider it funny enough to post here.


Funny weed pictures

We've put together this collection of funny weed pictures, there are ten, that doesn't mean we think these are the best 10 funny weed pictures but we certainly had a giggle. Best enjoyed while stoned.


Change the law man, not me!

Stoned goat thinking what I'm thinking.... The goat knows me man!