When statists buy weed...

Do statists donate money to the government when they buy weed illegaly in order to pay their "fair share"?


What The Government Can Do Vs What We Can Do

The Government is guarding poppy fields, manufacturing crack and was caught trafficking coke...But I can get arrested for smoking a fucking joint? Joe Rogan's face says it all...


Cigarette coloured rolling papers

Cigarette coloured rolling papers...because the government dosen't mind if you slowly kill youself as long as you aren't stoned. How messed up is that ?


The absurdity of the 'war on drugs'

Let me get this straight, you pay taxes to fund the war on drugs?   A war your govermnet wages on you 'the people'? How fucking stupid can you get ?


Drug War = Persecution.

Help end licit vs illicit Drug Apartheid. Repeal Cannabis / Drug choice Prohibition worldwide. - Dave from Australia.