The Best Things in Life Are Free -Especially if you Grow Your Own Stone

Whoever said 'the best things in life are free' obviously grew their own weed.



Grafting Cannabis Plants with Urban Grower

Urban grower meets Midnight Gardener from the Dampkring Growshop in Amsterdam. They chat and exchange information about grafting cannabis plants. See a fully flowered plant with 6 varieties of bud on it, as well as a mother plant with 11 different strains on it.


The Gas Lantern Routine - Save Energy

Save money growing marijuana with the Gas lantern Routine.


American Farmers should Be Growing Hemp In All 52 States!

American farmers should be growing Hemp in all 52 states.



How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds - The Water Method

Some growers swear by this method of germination, others use the damp paper towel method to germinate their seeds.  I think you need to find a method of germinating cannabis seeds that works for you.