Cannabis Seed Time-lapse

An amazing time-lapse video showing cannabis seeds being germinated. Watch as the tap root develops and the first seedling leaves (cotyledons) appear.



Time-lapse Scrog Grow

Nice time-lapse scrog grow with Pineapple Express and Deadhead OG seeds. The grow was in a Secret Jardin tent measuring 3x3x6 and a 400W HPS.



Pineapple Express Outdoor Autoflowering Grow Time-lapse

Time-lapse of an outdoor autoflowering grow with auto Pineapple Express seeds from Barneys Farm.


Plants weed seeds in grannys garden and forgot

Plants weed seeds in his grannys garden, and forgot.  Granny gets raided and arrested for growing weed.


Shit Garden? When you plant shit seeds, you get shit weeds!

Is your garden shit?  If you plant shit seeds then you're gonna get shit weed.