Tennis Player Djokovic Whiffs the Weed

While playing at the Montreal Masters 28 year old Djokovic apparently said “Someone is smoking weed, I can smell it, I’m getting dizzy,”.


When you're HIGH AS fuck but thinking about rolling another


When you're high in public



How High Soundtrack 2001 - Method Man & Redman

An amazing soundtrack album by <Method Man and Redman from the stoner classic movie How High. 1. Intro (Skit) 2. Part II 3. Round And Round 4. Cisco Kid 5. America's Most 6. Yes Sir, Dean Cain, Sir (Skit) 7. Let's Do It 8. We Don't No How 2 Act 9. Who Wanna Rap- Streetlife 10. Fine Li[...]




The fiery duo have a brief chat about their favourite herbal remedy..skunk weed!