Irishmans speech



Ciaran Murphy - Anti Social

I was sittin' in the bar one friday evenin'. Men were laughin' at some young lad up the lane. They put a shotgun to his knees and no-one stopped to hear the plea's, oh it's so funny how they left him in the rain. And I asked them what they meant by anti-social, was he flooding the estates with low p[...]



Luke Ming Flanagan Cannabis Rap

Good rap tune about the Irish cannabis activist and member of the European Parliment Luke 'Ming' Flanagan. Legend.


Kiss me I'm Highrish

Happy ST Patrick's day to everyone. Go easy on the drink and smoke plenty of green.


Irish politician Joan Burton poses with giant spliff

Irish politician Joan Burton poses with a big fat cannabis joint at an art exhibition. Credit for the image goes to Photographer Richard Forrest, nice one Richard :-).