Metabollix - Marijuana Trauma ( Irish hip hop )

Irish Hip Hop from Metabollix with their song Marijuana Trauma.



I Wanna Fight Your Father - The Rubberbandits

Another hilarious track by Irish comedy Duo - The Rubberbandits - I wanna fight your father.  Its a love song about a girl called Roisin who's father doesn't approve of the romance. The track is soulful and at the same time funny, its best enjoyed baked. Oh baby you're so beautiful I wanna be yo[...]



The Rubberbandits - Horse Outside

This catchy and hilarious number with lines like ' Fuck your Honda Civic, I've a horse outside...' from Irish Comedy Music Duo - The Rubberbandits Lyrics I'm at Amanda's weddin' in a church on Thomas Street I'm lookin' at her bridesmaid and she lookin' back at me And when the servi[...]


Not religious, celebrates St. Patrick's Day


Ian Paisley Junior tobacco quote

'I'm not a smoker but I have nothing against people who wish to smoke' - Ian Paisley Junior talking about tobacco.