Marijuana Smoking Grandparents

Marijuana Smoking Grandparents on Australia's 'Sunday Night' program show senior citizens explain why they choose cannabis to medicate over prescription pills. Some seniors growing weed, some smoking, some vaporizing and some eating it.


Angry Bees Attack Cops For Taking Weed Away

According to sources (which may or may not be good sources) a group of Liberal Bees bees have ganged up and "Aggressively" attacked Police Officers in Russia who were invading the Bees' homes located through-out a plot of Cannabis growing wildly. Initially the Bees won the unannounced invasion co[...]


Hypocritical Laws - Obama Smoked Weed

How hypocritical is it from the American government to jail people for something that the current president did?



The Bill To Legalize Weed - Federally! ( Charlotte's Web Medical Hemp Act)

The Bill being introduced is called the 'Charlotte's Web Medical Hemp Act 2014'  after the strain of Marijuana - Charlotte's Web, which is high in CBD but less than 0.3 % THC for medical use. Pennsylvania Republican Rep. Scott Perry who has introduced the bill said "We live in America, and if the[...]



Pot should be mandatory - Bill Hicks Sane Man (1989)

A classic Bill Hicks bit, telling it how it is, from weed to acid he gives his honest thoughts, with the memorable line " Not only do I think Pot should be legalized, it should be mandatory! " and as well as arguing that we should have positive drug stories on the news.