Snaccidents On The Rise

The latest statistics coming out of Colorado where cannabis has been legalised is that snaccidents have become an everyday occurrence for many citizens.


Opposes Cartel Legalization In Ohio

Voting yes anyways, so that your daughter can experience life without daily seizures.



Sean Paul - Legalize it (We be burnin' dirty)

Just gimme di trees and mek we smoke it yow It a mek we peace so dont provoke it yow We nuh need nuh speed so we nah nuh coke it yow Set yuh mind at ease we gotta take is slow So when yuh see di S.P. floatin dont provoke him Cau di weed weh we smokin need fi soakin Best ting fi di meditation[...]


Susan Sarandon marijuana legalization quote

"[Cannabis] will be legal everywhere, and that will cause a very interesting tipping point...I think it would make for a much more gentle world." - Susan Sarandon



President Obama on Marijuana Legalization and Criminalization

President Obama speaks on the issue of cannabis legalization and the criminalization of people who use it. The president seems to be leaning on the side of decriminalization in this interview but as we've come to accept politicians say one thing and do another...   You can watch the full [...]