The World, Before And After Cannabis Legalisation

This is hard to believe but please take a moment to grasp how marijuana legalisation would effect our world.


Weed smokers flock to Colorado for first legal recreational sales

The debut of the world's first legal recreational marijuana got off to a smooth and celebratory start with stores across Colorado selling joints, buds and other pot-infused products to customers from across the United States. Throngs lined up from before dawn on Wednesday to be among the first to[...]


Meanwhile In Colorado

Meanwhile in Colorado :-).



The People Of Uruguay Celebrate Cannabis Legalisation

The people of Uruguay celebrate in the streets as law makers approve a law allowing for production and sale of marijuana for recreational use.


Uruguay Legalises Production And Sale Of Cannabis

The world's most far-reaching cannabis law has been passed by the Uruguayan parliament, opening the way for the state to regulate the production, distribution, sale and consumption of the planet's favourite 'illegal' drug. The law, effective from next year, will: allow registered users to buy up [...]