Colorado's first marijuana Jobs Fayre

Colorado has a jobs Fayre for the Marijuana industry and this is what it looks like. Looks pretty normal to me folks...Your dream job might be coming to a city near you as the walls of prohibition start to crumble.



Legalize It - Peter Tosh Live

Peter Tosh - Legalize it Legalize it, don't criticize it Legalize it, yeah, yeah, and I will advertise it Some call it tampee, tampee Some call it the weed Some call it marijuana, marijuana Some of them call it ganja, ganja Every man got to legalize it, and don't criticize it Legalize [...]


Not Sure If Legalizing Weed Leads To Superbowl...

Not sure if legalizing weed leads to Superbowl or if legalizing weed leads to Superbowl.


Dude, Colorado Just Legalized Gay Marijuana

'Dude, Colorado just legalized gay marijuana.' - Really High Guy


Black Friday V First Ever Legal Marijuana Sales

The first ever 'legal' recreational marijuana sales took place on New Year's Day in Colorado, USA.  Everything went smoothly and no one died, from a stampede or an overdose :-). Black Friday: 15 injuries1 death First Ever Legal Cannabis Sale: 0 injuries 0 deaths