Problems with the Legalization of Marijuana #014

"So about that box of chocolates-the one we were saving for tomorrow...Um. Gonna need a new one."


Being In A Relationship...With Weed

Being In a relationship...With weed. While everyone is in relationships with people...I'm locked into an eternal love with weed.



Give Me Weed Instead Of Roses

Country Music by Ashley Monroe from her album 'Like A Rose'. Baby we've been together for a long, long time You get home from work and then we just turn out the lights Lately I've been dreaming you in leather, me in lace Let's put up the teddy bears, and get out the whips and chains Give me w[...]


I Love The Smell Of You On My Clothes...I Mean Weed

I love the smell of you on my clothes.  Weed


Peace, Love and Pot

Nothing I love more than peace and pot.