My Other Medicines Are Addictive

Marijuana can replace a whole array of dangerous prescription medicines.   A lot of the time the side effects of prescribed drugs are worse than the condition they've been prescribed for, which can lead to even more medications to treat those side effects.  It's a vicious circle,  hopefully that you[...]


Believe in Cannabis, It Saves Lives

Believe in cannabis, it truly is the most beneficial plant known to mankind.  The medicinal benefits continue to astound me.



Colorado: Cannabis Patient Network Interview with Crohn's Sufferer Andy Shaffner

Andy has battled Crohn's since he was a youth. His decades of suffering culminated in a bowel resection, something common to those who deal with this illness. Through the decades, cannabis has helped him to eat. He believes cannabis is life-sustaining. We're CPN Institute. We're a national educat[...]


Cannabis Is The Most Studied Plant On Earth, Not FDA Approved

The FDA are yet to evaluate the medicinal properties of marijuana yet it's the most studied plant in the world.


Marijuana may be the effective treatment you're looking for!

Cannabis is an effective treatment for vast array of ailments.