Pizza shaped like weed



Why You Get The Munchies When High

This short video explains why you get over-powering hunger each time you blaze and want to call for pizza, noodles, curry, rice and kebabs all at once... There is some actual science behind why you get those munchies...  



Sugar Bob The Weed Eating Dear From Oregon

Oregon medical marijuana grower Richard Davis shows us his pet Dear Sugar Bob. Sugar Bob loves nothing more than munching on some Oregon Candy aka marijuana buds. Sugar Bob has to be the most chilled out Dear we have ever seen.  Richard says he even hangs out with his Beagle named Trooper D.



Weed Granny Shows How to 420 Braise it

Watch this 91 year old Italian grandmother cook up some tasty treats using marijuana. You can find her recipe for Chicken Pot-cacciatore on the Vice website. 420 braise it!


An example of the dangerous life-threatening activities of weed smokers

An example of the crazy dangerous life-threatening things people do after smoking marijuana.