Legalise Me - The Pretenders

Legalise me Oh, I want the legal right to be me only me Legalise me, bail me, jail me But they're never gonna nail me Pharmaceutically I was sleeping like a baby in bed When I woke up to a voice in my head "We're all outta rooms Try down the road is what I said" I'm just a farmer and I gr[...]



Mary Jane's Last Dance - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers



Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard - It's All Going to Pot

"It's All Going to Pot" from the collaborative album, Django and Jimmie by Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard.



Chewbacca Rastaman

Chewbacca smokes some herb and awakens the force, he breaks out a little reggae number to show his appreciation for his chalice Full song here Guinney Pepper - Lick the chalice



Lunar C - Shnaffleberry

This is Shnaffleberry by rapper Lunar C, Its some hard hitting hip hop so might not be to everyone's tastes. The video consists of an interesting animation of some flies getting high, each shit pizzas, pole dancing and a whole lot more. Check it out, even it its only for the appreciation of animatio[...]