When the cops smell weed

When the cops stop you and the squad cause they smell weed you but you already smoked it.


Is there a plant in there?

You better not be sitting in there peacefully with a plant.


Police: If We Need You, We Will Call!

Firefighters don't go looking for fires to put out. Paramedics don't go looking for people to treat. Police shouldn't go looking for people to fine and arrest. If we need you, we will call.



Blaze Foley - Election Day

Hey Mr. Policeman, please don't take my stuff It cost me twenty dollar bill, and it probably ain't enough To get me through Election Day Didn't I hear you say That it's alright, it's alright? Wouldn't even weigh a thing, it's hardly worth your time And my luck's been bad, the telephone just [...]


Drug War = Persecution.

Help end licit vs illicit Drug Apartheid. Repeal Cannabis / Drug choice Prohibition worldwide. - Dave from Australia.