Sorry Officer, I've Got A Cramp In My Hand

Sorry, officer... I've got a cramp in my hand.... :-)


That Moment When You Hear Police Sirens

When you hear police sirens... That moment when you look like a paranoid meerkat.


I hate People Who Take Drugs

I hate people who take drugs, like DEA, Customs, Cops etc.


Drugs Can Ruin Your Life

Drugs can ruin lives and if the cops catch you with any they'll  send you to prison and ruin your life.  A lot of the time drugs laws cause a lot more harm than the actual drugs do.


Smoking A Joint In Public - Rage Comic

There's nothing worse than puffing on a joint and the cops approach you while in public places.  Anyone who's ever been busted must have had this thought run through their mind at least once.