All those in favour say aye

"All those in favour of the medical marijuana bill say Aye".



Blaze Foley - Election Day

Hey Mr. Policeman, please don't take my stuff It cost me twenty dollar bill, and it probably ain't enough To get me through Election Day Didn't I hear you say That it's alright, it's alright? Wouldn't even weigh a thing, it's hardly worth your time And my luck's been bad, the telephone just [...]


Cannabis is Safer than Alcohol

Some graphics from the guys at CISTA, the UK's cannabis reform political party.


Politicians who support prohibition are supporting organized crime

You have to wonder if they forget who they're actually working for!


NI21's leader Basil McCrea pours scorn on the Northern Irish cannabis community

Basil McCrea, the leader of Northern Ireland's newest political party NI21 had this to say about the cannabis community: "The supply of cannabis cannot be separated from organised crime, and the idea that personal use does not hurt anyone is wrong." "There must be some way of prosecuting people [...]