The prison song by Graham NASH

One day a friend took me aside And said I have to leave you For buying something from a friend They say I've done wrong For protecting the name of a man They say I'll have to leave you, So now I'm bidding you farewell For much too long. And here's a song to sing, For every man inside, If h[...]


End Our Pain!

Prison for cannabis is wrong!


Problems with the Legalization of Marijuana #012

"With all the extra room in prison, they said they couln't justify giving that murderer parole."


Joe Rogan On Going To Prison For Pot Quote

"If you lock someone up for smoking a plant that makes them happy, You're the fucking criminal! " - Joe Rogan quote about going to prison for pot.



John Oliver breaks down the 'War on Drugs Prison Complex' - featuring puppets!

John Oliver and some puppet friends highlight the horrible conditions in prisons, while mocking the hypocritical policies on Drugs and Prison in America. You might find this satirical comedy more informative than any news segment and there's even a sing song at the end.