Chris Rock talks about the real war on drugs. How many pharmaceutical drug commercials are on TV every day? Every commercial break is flooded with ads for prescription pills, symptoms and side effects. Chris Rock takes apart the government’s hypocritical legal drug policy in this classic stand-up ac[...]


Bill Murray Marijuana Quote from Reddit

Bill Murray was asked how he felt about recreational marijuana on Reddit's Ask me Anything.  Here's what he had to say. “Well that’s a large question, isn’t it? Because you’re talking about recreation, which everyone is in favor of. You are also talking about something that has been illegal for so [...]



Life Sentence For 22-Year Old Montana Man Growing Pot

Prohibiton may ruin another young life as 22-year-old Chance McKenzie Bowen could spend the rest of his life in prison if he is found guilty of growing marijuana. The Young Turks give their more informed thoughts on this tragedy. Is it right that this young man faces a life sentence?



Former Marijuana Smuggler calls out Current Marijuana Investors

Author and producer Brian o'Dea talks about his speech in Vancouver to a well-suited audience of stock investors looking to get into the marijuana business and urging them to remember the drug war prisoners...



Cops BUSTED planting drugs in Medical Marijuana dispensary

Former Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies Julio Cesar Martinez, 39 and Anthony Manuel Paez, 32 have been charged with conspiracy, perjury and altering evidence in connection with planting guns and drugs inside a medical marijuana dispensary to justify two arrests in 2011, prosecutors said. Both m[...]