Best Medication For Nausea

"Marijuana is the finest anti-nausea medication known to science, and our leaders have lied about this consistently.  Arresting people for medical marijuana is the most hideous example of government influence in the private lives of individuals.  It's an outrage within an outrage within an outrage."[...]


We Can't Stop Here This Is Bat Country - Cat

"What? No. We can't stop here. This is bat country." - Raoul Duke , Fear and Loathing pussy cat.


The Economics of Marijuana Prohibition

Milton Friedman an American Economist said of the economics of prohibition "If you look at the drug war from a purely economic point of view, the role of government is to protect the drug cartel"


Philosopher Alan Watts Marijuana Side Effects Quote

One of the great philosophers of our time Alan Watts said about the side effects of marijuana "The only serious side-effect of marijuana is that you might get arrested."


All Government's are lying cocksuckers!

"All Government's are lying cocksuckers!" Bill Hicks wasn't a man to mince his words, he told it like it was and in this case still is.