Terence Mckenna on Cannabis Edibles

Everyone's favourite Psychonaut Terrence McKenna gives us a rundown on the psychedelic powers of marijuana edibles.  The experience is different to smoking a doobie, the ride may take a while to get going but once you're on the groovy train, you're there until the journey comes to an end...which cou[...]



Colorado: Cannabis Patient Network Interview with Crohn's Sufferer Andy Shaffner

Andy has battled Crohn's since he was a youth. His decades of suffering culminated in a bowel resection, something common to those who deal with this illness. Through the decades, cannabis has helped him to eat. He believes cannabis is life-sustaining. We're CPN Institute. We're a national educat[...]



The Union: The Business Behind Getting High Documentary (2007)

Ever wonder what British Columbia's most profitable industries are? Logging? Fishing? Tourism? Ever think to include marijuana? If you haven't, think again. No longer a hobby for the stereotypical hippie culture of the ’60s, BC's illegal marijuana trade industry has evolved into a seemingly unstoppa[...]



Super Weed Brothers - Deluxe Weed Edition ( Featuring Snoop Dogg )

I don't know why this makes me happy but it does. Snoop,  Super Mario brothers and the music all make this a wonderful piece of stoner mash up madness.



Gotye Weed Parody -Somebody And I Used To Smoke

Weed Parody of Gotye's number 1 hit 'Somebody That I used to Know'